bioCEED - Centre for Excellence in Biology Education

bioCEED – Centre for Excellence in Biology Education

bioCEED develops biology educations that fill future needs in science and society.  This is achieved by connecting scientific knowledge, practical skills and societal applications throughout the biology education, and by bringing the strengths of the research culture into the educational practice. The goal is that the programs will develop basic academic skills and attitudes in students, while preparing them to solve important problems in science, industry, and society.

bioCEED has been a Centre for Excellence in Biology Education since 2014. bioCEED is a collaboration between biology programs at the University of Bergen (Department of Biology) and UNIS (Department of Arctic Biology), education science (Department of Education, UiB) and practical training (represented by The Institute for Marine Research, and including a range of private and public research, industry, and environmental management institutions), as well as our partners at home and abroad.

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Contact persons: Steve Coulson, Simone Lang and Tina Dahl