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FACE-IT – an EU project about the future of Arctic coastal systems

FACE-IT – an EU project about the future of Arctic coastal systems Fjord systems in Svalbard are facing rapid cryosphere and biodiversity changes due to the ongoing climate changes. Together with other core institutions UNIS starts the cross-disciplinary project FACE-IT in 2020, aiming to deliver innovative and adaptive co-management for Arctic fjords. FACE-IT builds upon […]

Citizen science projects

Citizen science projects It is important for UNIS to share our knowledge about research in Svalbard. The AB department has used so-called citizen science approaches for several years. These are projects where non-scientists, regardless of background or knowledge, can participate in authentic research. This is also in line with the pedagogical development of active learning, […]

FieldPass (2019-2022): How to assess the unassessable?

FieldPass (2019-2022): How to assess the unassessable? Constructive alignment is the golden rule for good course design – where we start with the intended learning outcomes and align teaching and assessment to those outcomes. Learning outcomes related to e.g.  practical skills like operation of field instruments cannot be assessed by written exams. FieldPass is an […]

De-icing of Arctic Coasts

De-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services? ACCES The Arctic is characterized by an extensive coastline – 34% of the total global coastline! These nearshore waters are among the most productive regions and by far the most preferred ecotype for human settlements in the Arctic. Less sea ice, […]